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10 reasons to have your home custom built

Everyone should feel at peace in their own home. This is especially true if your home comes with all of the advantages you desire. Opting for a custom-built gives you incredible freedom to think outside of the box and get exactly what you want in your new house. The rewards that accompany a custom-built home can last for a lifetime. Here are 10 great reasons to have your next home custom built.
Build in a spot you love
Building a new custom home gives you the opportunity to pick a property site that you love. With a pre-existing home, you have to live where the house stands. The freedom to determine for yourself where your family will put down its roots definitely should not be overlooked among the long list of home-building benefits.
Get the latest amenities and technology
Home environmental standards and automation are continually improving. Houses have become more environmentally friendly and able to do more for you than ever before. Home technology options have never been better or more affordable. Tech amenities include built-in home security systems, home theater solutions, whole-house audio, intelligent thermostats and lights and much more.
Improve your family’s health and safety
An old or outdated home can be unhealthy for your family. Whether it be due to the presence of old construction materials like asbestos and lead or organic issues like mold or mites, your risk factors for illness are increased in an older house. New homes are built with exacting safety standards that include all materials. Your custom-built home will be healthier for every member of your family.
You can choose modern floor plans
Unlike old homes with their closed footprint, new houses offer open floor plans that make your home seem roomier and more inviting. Your custom-built house can also feature amenities such as raised tray ceilings, spa-like bathrooms and spacious walk-in closets. Building a new home offers wonderful investment value and will make your family happy to be home.
You pay for the features you need
When your build your home, you don’t pay for things you don’t want or require. Instead, you can channel your money into the things you really care about. For instance, you can install a luxury home office, a large media room, and many other spaces your family will enjoy.
You’re the first and only occupants
Building your home means everything will be brand new, from the floors to the toilets to the countertops to the appliances. Experiencing the satisfaction of knowing that everything you see in your home has only ever belonged to you is worth the cost and effort of building a custom home instead of buying a pre-existing house.
Less ongoing costs
You can incur a lot of expenses when you live in an older or pre-existing home. There are commonly repairs to be done and renovation and remodeling work that you want to do. Roofs, pipes, plumbing and electrical are just some of the things that can cost a great deal to fix or maintain. With a new custom-built home, however, you are guaranteed to have years before you need to shell out money for these types of maintenance and repairs.
You can choose the builder of your liking
If you decide to build a custom home, you can select the exact builder that you want to construct your new home. If professional reputation is important to you — and it most definitely should be for a project of this size — you can be extremely discriminating when making your choice, rather than settling for the builder who just happened to construct the neighborhood you’re looking in.
You can select the building materials
Building a house gives you the freedom to select the type and quality of the materials you want in your new home. The choice is yours, from bricks to granite to wood and everything else, you can decide to mix and match with various materials that suit both your style and your budget.
You get a great warranty
When you build a new custom home, you get a warranty that covers the quality of the building materials, the craftsmanship and much more. The warranty will protect you from potentially heavy expenses related to defects in the water supply, electrical wiring, sewage connections and others. For many years, you will have peace of mind about your home.
As you can see, opting for a custom-built home offers a great many benefits — many more than are presented here, in fact. If you want to discuss a plan for building your dream home, or simply want additional information about the process, call Oz Custom Home Builders at 803-242-0050 or use the “Email Us” link on this page to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

Put a family rec room in your new custom home

Designing a new custom home enables you to indulge your every whim. Honoring your imagination and creating a space conducive to your style and living requirements can be an almost overwhelming process. However, working with a custom home builder who completely understands the process and is passionate about delivering your design can make the journey easy and even fun.
Add a family rec room
Where is everyone going to come together and relax in your new custom home? Clients typically focus on the kitchen, the living room and creating special outdoor spaces. These are all great options, which makes it easy to forget how much time could be spent in a wonderful family recreation room. This is also the chance to get everyone involved in creating the ideal space. Speak with your family members and see what tops their rec room priority list. Some features to consider include:

  • Comfortable and adequate seating
  • Nook for reading/listening to iPod/using tablet, etc.
  • Natural light
  • Skylight
  • Adjoining deck to outdoor living space
  • Home theater set-up
  • Eating space
  • Proximity to bathroom
  • Games tables for pool, ping pong, cards, etc.
  • Furniture that can double as an extra guest space
  • Storage

Having a great room with a variety of space options can ensure some quality family time. A well thought out design can save you from endless hours of unnecessary cleaning. For example, many families don’t allow kids to eat or drink on the furniture. However, having small kids unsupervised in the kitchen doesn’t work either. Try to keep an open visual when determining where your family rec room will be best suited.
Having separate areas within one space can help you meet everyone’s needs. Perhaps there is a home theater component; comfy seating, surround sound and a strategically placed TV. This lounging area is complete with extra pillows and blankets and soft rugs.
Favorite family rec room activities

  • Movie night
  • Board games
  • Scrapbooking
  • Model building
  • Homework center
  • Holiday gatherings
  • Music room
  • Dance party
  • Yoga/exercise center
  • Reading
  • Journaling

Define a variety of spaces
Once you determine how your family will best use the space, you have the backbone for your style. Maximizing your space and creating defined areas will appeal to multiple members of the household. Keep your new family rec room comfortable and customize your space. The following specifics can be easy to incorporate:

  • Eating area
  • Movie central
  • Relaxation station (couches, beanbag chairs, overstuffed pillows)
  • Video game central
  • Chalk wall
  • Reading nook/bay window
  • Fireplace cozy
  • Kids play area
  • Adult lounge
  • Puzzle table
  • Craft corner

Extra guest space
Having the space to host more guests at the last minute or accommodate the extended family during a vacation is an important bonus that comes with a family rec room. If you want to maximize your guest space, consider adding a Murphy bed or hide-a-bed couches. Futons are another solid option for intermingling seating and sleeping opportunities.
Creating a communal space in your home where everyone wants to gather and relax is crucial for family bonding. The family rec room can be the place where you enjoy spending your quality time together. Oz Custom Home Builders can create a spectacular recreation room in your new home. Contact us to talk about your vision for the perfect custom home. Call 803-242-0050 or use the “Email Us” link on this page to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

Hot trends for decorating your new custom home

The custom home of your dreams is nearly complete with the construction phase. Now it is time for the fun part — decorating. How are you planning to let your inner personality shine forth? What color schemes and finishing touches do you have in mind? If you are seeking some hot trends for decorating your new custom home, you are in the right place to find a few suggestions.
Decide on your theme(s)
Taking a bare space that’s brimming with potential and making everything fit together can often be overwhelming. Decide on what colors you feel attracted to and determine your theme. If blue hues are where your heart lie, consider incorporating a nautical or beachy/breezy feel that reminds you of your last vacation.
If you are going with a country-chic feel, keep your eyes open for some metallic roosters and wrought iron items. Showcasing your treasures is what showcases your unique personality. Perhaps you are going to develop your color scheme around a favorite artifact, pillow or heirloom. Thinking outside of the box will help you pull your style together.
Rich, inviting colors
Color drastically influences our mood, our creative process and even our appetite. Studies have shown that the color in a space can make you want to either get down to business or relax and be cozy. This is critical to take into consideration when you are deciding which colors to paint where. Great options include:

  • Living Room: Oranges, Yellows, Reds, Pinks (think sunset or autumn shades) or Black and White contemporary
  • Kitchen: Reds, Blues, Creams, Silvers
  • Bathrooms: Greens, Browns, (think neutral and spa-like Zen) or bold and bright. If there is skylight in your bathroom or accent lighting or a dimmer switch, you can really play with the deeper jewel tones for your most intimate space. If too much color freaks you out, consider keeping a neutral spa atmosphere and incorporate some brighter accents with your bathroom accessories.
  • Bedrooms: Greys, Blues, Whites, Silvers, Greens, Golds

Introduce patterns to jazz up your space
Great ways to create visual interest include adding some textures to every room. Consider funky artwork for your walls, contrasting pillows for your couches and chairs and adding some carefully placed area rugs. Your curtains are another great place to bring in the “Wow Factor.” Drapery can be found in every shade and style. Keep some neutral sheers between bold curtains to balance your look and make the most of your privacy.
Molding complements every room
Most people choose a crisp white to define their perimeter. White molding makes a perfect contrast with darker wall colors. However, if you are sticking to a neutral wall color, consider painting out your molding to be a darker shade. Cobalt, steel grey, chocolate brown and even black can be considered here. Ensure the color you choose will flow into every room as you don’t want to have multiple trim colors.
Porch furniture
Your front entry offers the first impression to your abode. Ensure that it is free from clutter by having some strategically placed bins or baskets for shoes, umbrellas, blankets, etc. Consider transforming that extra bed into a swinging porch bed by securing it with appropriate steel chain or thick rope. Create a relaxing outdoor retreat with a portable fire pit or propane heater to enjoy year round.
Stay true to yourself
Hot trends for decorating your new custom home are abundant online. However, stick to what feels great for you and your family. Try out some sample wall colors if you are unsure. Refinish your old tables and chairs to make them pop using your new palette. Recycle your favorite heirlooms with a fresh coat of paint and love them for years to come. The main thing is to let your personality come to life in your new custom home.
Oz Custom Home Builders has been constructing dream homes for nearly two decades. We are ready to start the process of creating your perfect residence. To learn more about our home construction services, call us today at 803-242-0050 or use the “Email Us” link on this page. We look forward to hearing from you.

Home Improvements Tips


Find Money for Your Home Improvement-


Unfortunately, most home upgrades do not pay for themselves. If you can not bear to fund the task in full with money, know the diverse ways you can back your home improvement without putting your home in danger. Likewise, on the off chance that you realize the distinction between tax cuts you get for home fixes or home upgrades, you can make the best possible conclusions at expense time and recover some cash from your undertaking. So also, in case you are paying private home loan protection, home upgrades that expand the estimation of your home could enable you to take out that cost, which, although it does not raise assets for your undertaking, can lessen your lodging costs generally speaking.


Have a Plan-


To wrap things up, one of the most exceedingly bad things you can do with regards to home improvements is to begin a task without the significant details—cost, time, materials, and plan—as sensible as conceivable from the begin. Nothing costs more than having “different horses in midstream” (e.g., you need to move the fridge somewhere else now or need to change your tile decision). Use configuration devices to conceptualize your undertaking and include solid support (10-15% more) to your time and budgetary spending plan to represent the inevitable surprises.



Pick the Right Contractor-


About as critical as finding a decent dental specialist and finding a suitable advisor: Finding a mindful handyman or contractual worker. Frightfulness accounts of mortgage holders being misled by temporary workers or having work done as such poorly that it cost a large number of dollars to re-try (also the cash officially spent) give the chills.


Get the Right Tools-


You cannot generally improve your home much with only your bare hands (you’ll need a multi-instrument in any event!). Outfit your tool compartment with the primary instruments for any minor fix or significant venture, for example, essential pipes tools. Remember your phone may be the best DIY device in your pack, however, and, when all else fails, there’s conduit tape.



Get a good deal on Your Home Improvement Projects.-


The more cash we save money on one home improvement venture, the more we have left for the various ones we need to do. In addition to realizing the renovating ventures that offer the most value for your money, know which components of a task you can binge spend or hold back on—spend more on things that are difficult to supplant. For example, the bath, however, holds back on the fixture, for instance, or spend more on an expert range in case you are a gourmet cook and save money on the decorative tiles and deck that resemble premium materials.