Hot trends for decorating your new custom home

The custom home of your dreams is nearly complete with the construction phase. Now it is time for the fun part — decorating. How are you planning to let your inner personality shine forth? What color schemes and finishing touches do you have in mind? If you are seeking some hot trends for decorating your new custom home, you are in the right place to find a few suggestions.

Decide on your theme(s)

Taking a bare space that’s brimming with potential and making everything fit together can often be overwhelming. Decide on what colors you feel attracted to and determine your theme. If blue hues are where your heart lie, consider incorporating a nautical or beachy/breezy feel that reminds you of your last vacation.

If you are going with a country-chic feel, keep your eyes open for some metallic roosters and wrought iron items. Showcasing your treasures is what showcases your unique personality. Perhaps you are going to develop your color scheme around a favorite artifact, pillow or heirloom. Thinking outside of the box will help you pull your style together.

Rich, inviting colors

Color drastically influences our mood, our creative process and even our appetite. Studies have shown that the color in a space can make you want to either get down to business or relax and be cozy. This is critical to take into consideration when you are deciding which colors to paint where. Great options include:

  • Living Room: Oranges, Yellows, Reds, Pinks (think sunset or autumn shades) or Black and White contemporary
  • Kitchen: Reds, Blues, Creams, Silvers
  • Bathrooms: Greens, Browns, (think neutral and spa-like Zen) or bold and bright. If there is skylight in your bathroom or accent lighting or a dimmer switch, you can really play with the deeper jewel tones for your most intimate space. If too much color freaks you out, consider keeping a neutral spa atmosphere and incorporate some brighter accents with your bathroom accessories.
  • Bedrooms: Greys, Blues, Whites, Silvers, Greens, Golds

Introduce patterns to jazz up your space

Great ways to create visual interest include adding some textures to every room. Consider funky artwork for your walls, contrasting pillows for your couches and chairs and adding some carefully placed area rugs. Your curtains are another great place to bring in the “Wow Factor.” Drapery can be found in every shade and style. Keep some neutral sheers between bold curtains to balance your look and make the most of your privacy.

Molding complements every room

Most people choose a crisp white to define their perimeter. White molding makes a perfect contrast with darker wall colors. However, if you are sticking to a neutral wall color, consider painting out your molding to be a darker shade. Cobalt, steel grey, chocolate brown and even black can be considered here. Ensure the color you choose will flow into every room as you don’t want to have multiple trim colors.

Porch furniture

Your front entry offers the first impression to your abode. Ensure that it is free from clutter by having some strategically placed bins or baskets for shoes, umbrellas, blankets, etc. Consider transforming that extra bed into a swinging porch bed by securing it with appropriate steel chain or thick rope. Create a relaxing outdoor retreat with a portable fire pit or propane heater to enjoy year round.

Stay true to yourself

Hot trends for decorating your new custom home are abundant online. However, stick to what feels great for you and your family. Try out some sample wall colors if you are unsure. Refinish your old tables and chairs to make them pop using your new palette. Recycle your favorite heirlooms with a fresh coat of paint and love them for years to come. The main thing is to let your personality come to life in your new custom home.

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