Put a family rec room in your new custom home

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Designing a new custom home enables you to indulge your every whim. Honoring your imagination and creating a space conducive to your style and living requirements can be an almost overwhelming process. However, working with a custom home builder who completely understands the process and is passionate about delivering your design can make the journey easy and even fun.

Add a family rec room

Where is everyone going to come together and relax in your new custom home? Clients typically focus on the kitchen, the living room and creating special outdoor spaces. These are all great options, which makes it easy to forget how much time could be spent in a wonderful family recreation room. This is also the chance to get everyone involved in creating the ideal space. Speak with your family members and see what tops their rec room priority list. Some features to consider include:

  • Comfortable and adequate seating
  • Nook for reading/listening to iPod/using tablet, etc.
  • Natural light
  • Skylight
  • Adjoining deck to outdoor living space
  • Home theater set-up
  • Eating space
  • Proximity to bathroom
  • Games tables for pool, ping pong, cards, etc.
  • Furniture that can double as an extra guest space
  • Storage

Having a great room with a variety of space options can ensure some quality family time. A well thought out design can save you from endless hours of unnecessary cleaning. For example, many families don’t allow kids to eat or drink on the furniture. However, having small kids unsupervised in the kitchen doesn’t work either. Try to keep an open visual when determining where your family rec room will be best suited.

Having separate areas within one space can help you meet everyone’s needs. Perhaps there is a home theater component; comfy seating, surround sound and a strategically placed TV. This lounging area is complete with extra pillows and blankets and soft rugs.

Favorite family rec room activities

  • Movie night
  • Board games
  • Scrapbooking
  • Model building
  • Homework center
  • Holiday gatherings
  • Music room
  • Dance party
  • Yoga/exercise center
  • Reading
  • Journaling

Define a variety of spaces

Once you determine how your family will best use the space, you have the backbone for your style. Maximizing your space and creating defined areas will appeal to multiple members of the household. Keep your new family rec room comfortable and customize your space. The following specifics can be easy to incorporate:

  • Eating area
  • Movie central
  • Relaxation station (couches, beanbag chairs, overstuffed pillows)
  • Video game central
  • Chalk wall
  • Reading nook/bay window
  • Fireplace cozy
  • Kids play area
  • Adult lounge
  • Puzzle table
  • Craft corner

Extra guest space

Having the space to host more guests at the last minute or accommodate the extended family during a vacation is an important bonus that comes with a family rec room. If you want to maximize your guest space, consider adding a Murphy bed or hide-a-bed couches. Futons are another solid option for intermingling seating and sleeping opportunities.

Creating a communal space in your home where everyone wants to gather and relax is crucial for family bonding. The family rec room can be the place where you enjoy spending your quality time together. Oz Custom Home Builders can create a spectacular recreation room in your new home. Contact us to talk about your vision for the perfect custom home. Call 803-242-0050 or use the “Email Us” link on this page to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.